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By Victor Williams













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THE PROFESSOR- book three











To Stella and William














With the promise of a 5 million Dollar reward by the Shrine Tango Movement I finally agree to involve myself in the X-File case. It turns out that this is a case that can only be solved by involving certain very unique derivative functions of mathematics. My being a pure genius triggers my selection to solve this mystery that was a recovery scheme of the Files from the C.I.A headquarters at a place called AREA 51. I meet some autistic professor going by the name Prof. Wilhelm Gutenberg a pure Genius in Calculus at Humboldt University in Germany. Apparently I am made to understand that he's the only guy with the ability to solve one single Puzzle before my breaking the X-Files secret chain.

I pose this single question to the said professor and in two weeks he's nowhere close to supplying me with the solution to my question. He then decides to dedicate himself with certain finite deferential equations nine hours a day. And with every striking of the ninth hour without any possible solution he fixes himself a cup of coffee, retires to the basement and digs his grave one foot further. He does that for almost eleven months without success and on his 50 feet mark; he swallows a bottle of Cyanide and buries himself in the grave! I then get the rarest of opportunities to inherit his Bungalow, his X-Files research papers, his PC and a very lousy British Bull dog that seemed to have harbored some very strong grudge against me! The differential equations now organize themselves to vanquish me!