24/01/2013 11:14


Take John Tailor, posthumously, whose eyes had opened barely an hour after his mother’s had closed.

RXC2346HX is a secret code mysteriously embedded in his arm—upon his being born, by a terrorist group calling itself The Shrine Tango Movement, whose impression was that John must have been doomed to a certain term. This audacious station is to change John’s life completely, for he’s now the focus of a villainous scheme that will profoundly affect him—and those dear to him.

In preparation for the so called Psi-files case, the S.T.M resolves to train John as a soldier. Instead, he escapes from the training camp in Afghanistan and boards a U.S- bound Aircraft, which crashes in the Atlantic Ocean leaving him with a terrible retrograde amnesia. With Julia— the only female survivor and with whom John falls in love, he heads straight to Harvard to study neurosurgery.

Upon his graduation seven years later, John recovers his memory. He’s captured by senior S.T.M officials, flown to Germany and approached with a 5 Million Dollar reward deal, if he agrees to take the Psi-Files case. The ability to solve one single mathematical axiom before his breaking the Psi-Files secret chain lies but in the hands of one Professor Wilhelm Gutenberg, a Calculus genius at Humboldt University-Germany who, with time, swallows a bottleful of cyanide and buries himself in a grave he’d dug himself. Upon John’s decision to disappear into the Netherlands, a hunting game now sprouts in pursuance against this determination. RXC2346HX is the secret code the S.T.M uses to track him down.

I’m truly in danger of wearying the reader with personal emotions and private confidences. So vivid are these lines though, that with `The File soldier´, I can only drown him deeper into breathtaking action in a fantastic humorous mode.