About me

I am a guy...just a guy, 24, 25, 26 years old or just but therabout. My intuition always claims that i hardly should blow my very own trumphet. But one thing i will tell you though; that i am naturaly intelligent, that i am a writer of mice and men. My name is victor...victor mwiti, the first born in a family of five. Two girls and two boys. I came to know my mom as Stella and my dad as William, two wonderful parents i would never sell.

I have a natural passion for science and I love english too. I have a very different way of expressing myself, i could do that as indirectly as i possibly could, until i am at ease with my necessary subject. I would say i am an introvert if at all you dont believe it. Atleast thats what my friends say...not very close friends though. But necessarily necessary friends. i find it hard keeping very close ones because i find it not mean enough establishing a little boundary layer. Could be that its my nature too, i dont deny.I dont believe either.

I love writing, i cant help it. I love music, i love movies, i love jogging, i love the guitar. I am, indeed, not sure of how much i could put down further, but my time keeps on limiting me into tiny edible pieces. pieces that sometimes exhaust my present capacity, pieces that limit my time, pieces that limit friendship, love or..or life. pieces that limit my value...my worthness or value by the virtue of being a human person. MY predicament is not that i am complaining a little too early, mine is that of how to solve such puzzles to the powers of four.

i am a very intricate person, one you might take your time understanding, convincing, or..or killing! I love helping, i dont know why but i really do. I sometimes find myself in torture where i cannot help. Anyway as you read this note, know that i have more of me to tell, so lets go on next time you log in.....